Welcome to Natasha Eveleigh Design


My name is Natasha and I live in Somerset with my husband, Toby and our son and daughter.

From a young age I have always had a passion for art and design.  My love for pattern and colour is obvious throughout my home, in what I wear and in the designs I create.  I have filled hundreds of sketch books over the years.

I am inspired by the beautiful nature around me, my favourite subjects are flowers and leaves however I have been know to challenge myself and paint other random things .

Despite studying a-level art at college I followed a different path and became a nurse. This has been an amazing career, enabling me to travel the world and work with some wonderful people, Developing my communication and organisation skill.


It was when I became a mum that I couldn't hold my creativity back  any longer. That's when I discovered the world of surface pattern design, and became completely addicted. 

So, in 2014 I took the plunge to follow my dream, and completed the fantastic courses by “Make it in Design”.  Since then I have continued to develop my skills and worked on some wonderful projects. As well as being an artist I have also set up my own 'Paint and Doodle work shops". Giving others the opportunity to express themselves through paint and teaching new techniques to enable people to enhance their creative journey.

If you like my style, or have any questions about my designs, workshops or paintings, I would love to hear from you and hopefully work together in the future.